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Taiwan Teddy Bear Museum

小朋友們好! 你們都喜歡泰迪熊吧! 你知道台灣也有泰迪熊博物館嗎?

Yarp! We all love teddy bears, right?

They're cute, they're cuddly, and they keep us company when we're alone!
大部分的人都喜歡可愛溫暖的泰迪熊! 我也超愛!

Did you know that there are museums for teddy bears?

It's true! Many places around the world have museums just for our favorite stuffed animals, and there's even one here in Taiwan!

It's called the One Bear Museum, it's in Hsinchu County.

They say it's the biggest teddy bear museum in Asia!

It has thousands of teddy bears of all shapes and sizes.

Some of them wear different kinds of clothes and costumes from all over the world!
博物館裡面有幾千個泰迪熊,大小形狀都有! 熊熊穿者各式各樣的衣服和服裝!

There are even some wearing traditional Hakka outfits!

Some are dressed up to look like famous people too!

They're so cute! 也有小熊打扮成明星,超可愛!

And guess what? At this museum, you can also make your very own teddy bear to take home with you!

Isn't that great? 去的話,你也可以自己做一個泰迪熊帶回家!

If you love teddy bears, you can go visit this museum! And you can bring your teddy bear with you to make some new friends!



1. Cute可愛的。(喵) Look at those cute kittens! 你看那些可愛的小貓! Yeah,
don't you just want to hug them? 沒錯,很想抱抱牠們吧?

2. Museum博物館。I wish there were a museum for dolls.我希望有個洋娃娃博物館。

3. Wear穿。I'm wearing a raincoat because it's raining outside.

4. Look like看起來像。Do I look like Wonder Woman? 我看起來像神力女超人嗎?
No, you look more like Iron Man. 不像,比較像鋼鐵人。

5. Make friends交朋友。Young people often make new friends

Let's read the words. Cute可愛的 museum博物館 wear穿 look like看起來像
make friends交朋友


Not All Food Should Go Into the Fridge

Oh, hi. I was drinking some milk. Just a moment. I should put the milk bottle
back in the refrigerator.

You should always keep milk in the refrigerator. 牛奶應該放冰箱裡面。

A lot of food should be kept in the refrigerator, or fridge. Fridge is
shorter way to say refrigerator.

You should keep meat in the fridge. You should also keep cheese in the
refrigerator. 肉跟起士也需要放冰箱裡面。

But there is some food you shouldn't put in the fridge.

Potatoes, for example. You shouldn't put potatoes in the refrigerator.

If you do, they will become too sweet.

They will also become a strange color.

You should put potatoes in a cool, dry place. Put them in a paper bag.
只要用紙袋裝起來,放在陰涼的地方。Don't put the bag near sunlight.

Also, you shouldn't put bread in the refrigerator. 另外,麵包也不行。

Many people keep bread in the fridge. But that is a bad idea.

Why? It makes the bread hard. That makes it difficult to chew.

Bread that is very chewy and tough is not delicious.

What else shouldn't go in the refrigerator?

Honey. 蜂蜜也不能放冰箱! It's a bad idea to put honey in the fridge.

Cold honey is not smooth. There will be lumps in it. We all want to have
smooth and fresh honey. So keep honey out of the fridge.

Well, I hope you learned something today.

Don't think that all food should go into the refrigerator! Some food should stay outside the fridge.

Hm … all this talk about food is making me hungry. Now I want a snack.

Hmm, I always put potatoes in the fridge!

o Potato馬鈴薯。French fries are made of potatoes.薯條是馬鈴薯做的。My
favorite dish is beef cooked with potatoes.我最喜歡的菜是牛肉燉馬鈴薯。

o Keep保存。We keep ice cream in the fridge.我們把冰淇淋放在冰箱裡。The
winter clothes are kept in this box.冬天的衣服保存在這個盒子裡。

o Chew咀嚼。Beef is a little hard to chew, but tofu is

o Bread麵包。We had fresh bread and butter and some fruit for

o Honey蜂蜜。You can put some honey on your bread. It's tasty!

Are you hungry now? Let's read before you eat! Potato馬鈴薯 keep保存
chew咀嚼 bread麵包 honey蜂蜜
Most Students Want to Own a Coffee Shop

Hi students! Today I want to talk about a test. I want to talk about the test students take before they go to high school in Taiwan. It's called the
high-school entrance exam.
Students have to write an essay for that test. They have different writing
topics every year. This year, the writing topic was interesting. The question was, "What shop would you open?"

Over 200,000 junior high-school students took the test this year. Two hundred thousand. That's a lot. Do you know what most students wrote? Most junior high-school students wrote that they would open . . . (sfx: drum roll sound) a coffee shop! 大部分的國中生想開一家咖啡店! (sfx: sipping sound) Did that surprise you? It didn't surprise me. Many people have told me that is their dream, too. Lots of people said they want to open a coffee shop. I guess people like coffee. 大概很多人喜歡咖啡 ...
Many other students wrote that they want to open a grocery store.
That was the second choice.
The third choice was to open a restaurant. 第三個選擇是開一家餐廳。That's interesting.
All the choices were about eating or drinking.
Most students want to own a coffee shop. A coffee shop is about drinking. The second choice was a grocery store. A grocery store is about buying food. The third choice was a restaurant. A restaurant is about ordering food and drinks.
Those are good ideas. People always need to eat. What about you?
Would you open a coffee shop? Or would you open a grocery store or a restaurant? I think I'll keep working at ICRT. Owning a coffee
shop would be nice.
But I like radio. 我喜歡廣播。
Well, talk to you guys next time. Bye for now!



I don't go to coffee shops, but I do love bookstores.
1. Shop商店,store也是商店。You can have snacks, coffee and tea at a coffee
shop.你可以在咖啡館裡吃點心,喝咖啡和茶。A bookstore is where you can read
and buy books. 你可以在書店看書買書。
2. Food and drink食物和飲料。I order food and drinks online
3. Order訂購。Kevin ordered a dozen pink roses for his
4. Owner擁有者,own擁有。Who's the owner of this pet shop?誰是這家寵物店老闆?
I am. 是我. I own the shoe shop next door. 我是隔壁鞋店老闆。
5. Thousand 千,5 thousand五千。
今天的單字超好用,來一起讀。Shop商店 store商店 order訂購 owner擁有者

Robot Dog Herds Sheep

Here Spot! Come here, Spot!

Oh no, Spot has run out of batteries.

(laughs) That's right, I wasn't calling out to an actual dog, but a robot dog named Spot! 我在叫不是一隻真的狗ˇ,而是機器狗!

Spot is a robot dog that has been helping farmers herd sheep in New Zealand!

Usually sheep are herded, or taken care of, by real dogs.

Those dogs are called sheep dogs, because they help farmers take care of the sheep. 他們會幫忙照顧羊。

Farmers give sheep dogs signals on what to do, and the dogs run around and bark at the sheep. This helps control the sheep and shows them where they should go, and where they shouldn't.

Well, because of the coronavirus, a lot of people around the world have been staying home and not going outside to work.

This means farmers needs help. They need a dog that can herd the sheep without people.

This is where Spot the robot dog comes in!

Researchers are still testing robots like Spot to see if they can be helpful to farmers in other ways too.

So far, they think Spot is pretty good, the only problem is that it runs out
of batteries! 唯一的問題是很快就沒電了。
Spot can only herd sheep for 90 minutes. 只可以跑九十分鐘。

But real dogs last a lot longer and they can go all day and all night!

But researchers think that they can make Spot even better, and that one day it might even replace real sheep dogs completely.

Well that would be nice for the real dogs! Then they could just stay at home with their owners all day and get some rest!



A robot dog, what an interesting idea!

1. Robot機器人。Today's robots can deliver things to your home.

2. Without沒有。She's gone without saying goodbye. 她沒說再見就走了。

3. Farmer農夫。I plan to be a farmer for summer vacation. 我暑假打算當農夫。
Really? Where? 真的嗎,在哪裡? On a chicken farm. 在養雞場。

4. Run out of用完。Oh no, we're running out of gas.
糟糕,我們的汽油快沒了。We have to get off the freeway.我們得下高速公路。

5. Better更好。Wow, you are much better at singing than I am!
你唱歌比我好太多了。 Maybe, but you're better at playing the piano.

今天的字很有用,我們來讀一遍。Robot機器人 without沒有 farmer農夫 run out
of用完 better更好

Waitress Gets A Car As A Tip!

Hey, everyone! Today, I want to talk about tipping.

In some countries, you need to give a tip to waiters. That means you should give them some extra money for serving you………

How much of a tip should you give? 小費應該給多少呢?

In the United States and Canada, you should give either 15 percent or 20 percent of the bill.在美國以及加拿大是 餐費的十五或二十趴。

Let's say your bill is 100 U.S. dollars. Fifteen percent of 100 dollars is
$15. Twenty percent of 100 dollars is 20 dollars.

Twenty U.S. dollars sounds like a lot of money. It is.

But some customers give bigger tips - a lot bigger……….

I'm going to tell you a story about a waitress in Texas, in the United
Her name is Adrianna. Her home is very far away from her job.

The restaurant where she works is 22 kilometers from her home.

It takes Adrianna two-and-a-half hours just to walk to the restaurant.

It also takes her two-and-a-half hours to walk back home from the lestaurant.
That's five hours a day! 上下班來回就要走五個小時!

Adrianna used to walk to work because she didn't have a car. But now,
Adrianna doesn't have to walk to work.

Some customers gave her a special tip.

But they didn't give her money for her tip. They gave her a car!
That's right. Her customers bought a car for her.

Those customers were so nice. It made Adrianna so happy. That's a good lesson to learn. When you do nice things for people, they feel happy. And it also makes you feel happy, too!



Waiters and waitresses are the people who bring food to you at a restaurant.

1. Restaurant餐館。I'll take you all to a nice restaurant if you

2. Waiter餐廳服務生,waitress女服務生。My mom works as a waitress to support
me and my brother. 我媽媽當服務生來養活我跟弟弟。

3. Percent百分比。I made 20 percent less this month.我這個月少賺了百分之二十。

4. Big大的,bigger更大。We're having a big birthday party tomorrow.
我們明天要舉行很大的生日趴。Oh yeah, how big?是嗎,有多大? Bigger than
anything you've seen.比你見過的都大。

5. Nice好的。It's nice of you to give me a ride.你人真好,載我一段路。

今天的字很簡單喔。來讀一遍。Restaurant餐廳 waiter服務生 waitress女服務生
percent百分比 big大的 bigger更大 nice很好